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Q West Auto Service & Locksmith Client Testimonials

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“I read some client testimonials on this page before and I was encouraged by the positive feedback of previous customers to give Q West Auto Service & Locksmith a try. Oh boy, was I pleased I did. I immediately wished I’d had their number when our house was broken into last summer and we used the worst emergency locksmith ever. We had to get everything re-done the next day, at double the price, by a not much better company. When we moved this spring and needed a new locksmith, we tried Q West for the first time. We immediately knew that we’d found a wonderful local locksmith company that we can trust to give us a reasonable price and truly excellent craftsmanship!” Edward Hatton

“Auto repair isn’t something that I realized I’d been paying through the nose for, until I took my car to the boys in the Auto Repair Shop at Q West Auto Service & Locksmith. I told them what I had been having trouble with repeatedly and they immediately told me I needed to replace the engine. I was concerned about price, but it seems like the other mechanics I had used before just wanted to cash in on my lack of car knowledge, and fix a repeatedly breaking problem for an escalating cost each time, rather than one big payment that would amount to much less in the mid to long term. This level of honesty is what makes me a very loyal customer and grateful I found them!” Stacey Reid

“I think it’s really important to give credit where it is due. I am so totally in awe of the work Q West Auto Service & Locksmith have done for my residential security, that I have recommended them to my uncle’s pet store business!” Peter Vogel

“If there was ever such a prize for having excellent “roadside assistance manner,” Q West Auto Service & Locksmith would win every single time. So polite, professional and extremely competitively priced!” Christina Ruiz

“I was amazed at how quickly Q West arrived, extracted my broken key from the ignition, and made me a replacement key. I was back on the road in no time! The first thing I did after buying a used car was to go to Q West and have them re-key the car’s locks for my peace of mind. I was really very upset when my son lost the keys to our new car, but Q West was able to replace the key quickly and for a reasonable fee. I have lived in several different San Jose apartments over the past 7 years, and before each move I called Q West to come and re-key the apartment’s front door lock before I moved in. I was really in a panic when I realized that I locked my keys in the car, but Q west arrive quickly, carefully opened the car door and had me on my way. “Shon Anzano