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Car Key Replacement Experts in San Jose

Exceptional service for all your car key & auto access needs

Q West Auto Service specializes in all car key replacement services, regardless of model or year. If you’ve forgotten your keys at work or dropped them someplace, we’ll quickly be at the scene to help out. Our expert specialists are branched throughout the San Jose area, and stay on call 24 hours a day. It can be really simple to lose or misplace a car key. It’s our responsibility to replace the old key in a matter of minutes. And speaking of fast time, we’re committed to a 30 minute arrival timing.
That means you no longer have to reach out for the panic button, when help is a simple phone call away! Car keys can also break off at any time, since they are made of metal. A simple twist of the key can leave it completely damaged, which will render it useless. Not to worry because we’ll be by your side day or night to help get you safely back on the road. We know how scary it can be to get stuck on the road, especially at night. If you need a brand new car key, we’ll be at the scene in no time to assist. Our elite reputation is built around your safety and satisfaction. We really are that good!

It’s always reassuring to know that there is a locksmith company you can count on. That company just so happens to be Q West Auto Service. We can replace any set of car keys. From Hyundai to Ford, we carry all major brands.
We come directly to you and spare you the expensive visit to a local car dealership. Our trucks are fully equipped with the latest advancements in technology. We’re able to quickly and safely duplicate any model key you need on the spot. Since each key is unique, it takes eagle eye precision to carefully match every single point of the original copy. Our knowledgeable technicians can also reprogram any chip or RKE system. It takes great attention to technical detail to repair a transponder key.

No matter what type of key you need, we can provide you with the replacement. We’ll also give you a free estimation by phone, which you will have in writing. We require all of our team members to present you with company ID and verification upon arrival. We offer a wide variety of auto locksmith services that include car key replacement, expert key cutting, professional lock picking, and emergency door unlocking. Our friendly customer care reps will help lead the way. You’re always in good hands with Q West!

The Best Locksmith Company Around

We’re an honest and friendly locksmith company, with years of experience behind us. Our highly trained technicians will also give you professional tips to keep safe on the road. We provide you with the best quality services, at a fraction of the cost of the other locksmith companies. If it’s one thing we stress here, it’s your safety. No other locksmith company goes out of their way to keep you well-protected on the road.

Give us a call today (408) 701-2421, and find out what makes us so special!