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Brake Repair Specialists in San Jose

Are you having trouble with your brake pads? Let the reliable brake specialists at Q West Auto Service take care of the problem. We’re based in the heart of San Jose and we also offer 24/7 auto locksmith solutions. There is virtually nothing more important than having fully functional brakes on the road. Accidents can be prevented with proper vehicle maintenance. It all begins with the braking mechanism. If you hear a squeaking noise when you press down on the brakes, you might need to have brake fluid put in or have damaged brake pads replaced. Our expert brake repair specialists will find the problem right away. We’ll remove the damaged brake pads or rotors on the spot, so you can drive safely on the road.

Q West Auto Service auto repair services includes; brake repair, engine repair, timing belts, oil change, transmissions, wheel alignment, heating & cooling system, batteries, full vehicle inspection, flat tire change and more. We’ll test drive the new set of brakes before we hand over the keys. It’s crucial to have your brakes inspected on a regular basis to spot any damaged rotors, drums or other components within the braking mechanism. You should never have to apply extra force or slam down on the brakes. Always make sure you give yourself ample room to brake behind the driver in front of you. Make sure you have your oil changed on a regular basis as well. We have an incredibly dedicated team of pros that will give your vehicle the proper care and maintenance it rightfully deserves!

The Most Affordable Garage in San Jose

Your braking system is the key component to a safe driving experience. You need to have total control of the brakes at all times. We offer comprehensive analysis and computerized diagnostics testing to ensure your vehicle receives the best care. We offer the most affordable rates in San Jose with a flawless feedback record. Please feel free to browse our testimonials section on the website. We’ve worked extra hard to achieve each success story. Our experienced brake repair specialists are able to detect the problem within seconds and then its off to work we go! You’ll have a brand new set of brakes in no time! Just drop by our San Jose auto body garage today for complete vehicle maintenance and brake repair services.